Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission closed on Tuesday 7 November. Thank you to everyone who submitted an abstract.

We notified everyone of the outcome of their submission on Thursday 1 February 2018. Please contact us at if you did not receive it.

Click here to see the offline version of the abstract submission.


Sub-themes within the overall theme of ‘Agents of Change’ include:

  • Breaking down barriers
    Including issues of diversity, gender, race, privilege, equity, and social justice, and telling difficult stories.
  • Making connections 
    Including the distinction between art and science, metro and regional, the relationship between the commercial and not-for-profit sectors.
  • Places of engagement and learning
    Including ways in which museums and galleries address climate change, discrimination, and fact versus opinion.
  • Championing innovation
    Including new ways to manage and display collections, new curatorial techniques, digital museums and galleries, and thinking differently about museum management and professional development.

Suggested formats

  • Plenary (30 minutes)
  • Parallel session (20 minutes)
  • Design a whole session (1 hour or 1.5 hours)
  • Pecha kucha (10 minute lightning talk)
  • Workshop (1 hour or 2 hours)
  • Discussion panel (45 minutes)
  • Critique (1 hour)
  • Masterclass (1.5 hours)
  • Debate (1 hour)
  • Exhibition tour (1.5 hours)
  • Facilitated out of the box networking
  • Speed dating e.g. meet an expert (6 x 10 minutes)
  • Any of the above sessions with live Twitter questions
  • Any of the above sessions with no social media e.g. ‘mistakes were made’ session


If we have not listed your preferred session format here, contact us to discuss your idea at